Stanley Leon
How many times do you count your blessings?  Under what circumstances do you count your blessings? Do you forget about them the tough times have surfaced?

These blessing are what will help you push, push into another day, another lesson learned. It's not easy. I know trust me when I say I know but remember one thing, there is a God. He is alive and is working on your case each and every single day, every hour, every minute and second. He is always on time. He loves you and created you with a HUGE purpose. It's our goal in this life to find our purpose. Our blessings are counted as a reminder that God did it again. He saved your friend from that car accident, he lifted the financial burden when you thought you didn't have the funds to pay for school, he shielded your car from being sandwiched in a 3 car collision. He gave life to your baby after doctors said that they won't make it. He healed your aunt from cancer. He got you through college. He gave you a job that although its stressful you are able to put food on the table. He gave you a mate to love and honor you. He guided you through your pregnancy. He delivered your healthy baby. The blessings literally go on and on...and on.
Start counting...
Take a second and recognize that YOU ARE A BLESSING. Take a piece of paper and write them down. Post them somewhere you can remind yourself , he can do it and he will do it
He didn't forget about you, When the enemy sends your boss, a friend, a boyfriend, a co-worker, a bus driver or even a Dunkin donut employee to literally throw your day off. Remember these situations are set to test how strong you are. How much could you endure before you "lose it"? Will you open your mount to manifest those negative thoughts and ideas that rest on the tip of your tongue? Hey buddy, you are better than that. Remember what doesn't come out of your mouth won't hurt anyone and you won't lose your blessing because of it. I know it's hard, and it easier to just tell people what's really on your mind. Telling them how you really feel, then what? After you've cussed them from the top of their head to the tip of their toes, does that satisfaction make feel like a better person?
I never heard a case in which someone didn't say what was on their mind and dies from it... so guess what? You won't be the first, so take a deep breath, walk away or grab yourself a nice glass of cold water and CHILLAX.
God has done too much for you to behave like you have no sense. What if you missed out on a blessings (s) because of your behavior? Was it really worth it ?
I love you and wanted to remind you that YOU ARE DIFFERENT. You aren't meant to be like everyone else. Your blessings won't look like everyone else's blessings.  You are uniquely and wonderfully made, therefore, your behavior and how you handle situations may prepare you for a blessings or delay you from your blessing. Stay Humble. Count those blessings and keep it moving. Look at those people trying to make you miss out on those future blessing and wave and smile because you know what it may cost you.