Stanley Leon
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Dear Black Men
We have made it this far.  We survived obstacles, torment, humiliation, slavery, embarrassment, and mistreatment.  We are constantly judged by the color of skin before our character.  Every morning we wake up and simply have to survive.  Many of us plan our days or weeks far in advance but the real goal each day is to simply come home.  Come home to our families, come home to our kids, come home to the things we love.  Then we go to bed wake up and simply just try to survive.  This is our history....This is our story...This is our life.  But Yet, we still have a reason to smile, to stay encouraged, to fight the good fight, and to survive.  We are a brotherhood.  The more they want to bring us to down, the more we must unite and be strong together and be strong for each other.  Continue to fight, continue to survive, the next generation is counting on us, history is counting on us, our skin color is counting on us, our families are counting on us, our ancestors have faith in us, and God has greater planned for us.