Stanley Leon
Relationships are all about balance. Two people who compliment each other from the inside out. You compliment me in more ways than I am sometimes unaware. I love the good times, the not so good, the ugly and the bad times. Because that is what helps us grow. If you always smell the roses in the garden aka the "good times," then what will happen when there is a storm, and the sun doesn't shine for a few days aka the "bad times"?
Will you still love? Will you still smile? Will you still fight? Will you still commit? Will you reassure me that everything will be okay? Will you be strong for us? Or will you let it die.....
Well, this is where the balance of the relationship comes into play. Both people CANNOT be in the hole, someone has to be stronger. Otherwise you both will get stuck and it will be a lot harder to get back on track. So don't get discouraged when you all you see is rain. Every rain shower brings a garden of blessings. If you weren't able to endure the storm then you can't celebrate what comes after. Remember every lesson is to help you grow. Every trial and tribulation is a test of your faith and love for one another. God created every Adam with his intended rib, Eve. Create your own beautiful love story. I personally would love to read it myself. That is why I try to make my imperfect love story the most perfect story ever created. No one can make your story except for you.
So MAKE it and OWN it.