Stanley Leon
Give it Your All...
If you are going to love someone, love them wholeheartedly;
If you are going to dream, dream big;
If you are going to go on an interview, make sure you put your best foot forward;
If you are going to work with elderly, treat them like your grandparents.
If you are going to mentor, be exactly that and nothing less
If you are going to pray for someone, do it with them instead.
If you are going to live, give it your all every single day because tomorrow is not promised.
No matter what you do just be sincere, hopeful, loving and true to yourself.

When you thought you were invisible to the world, just remember someone is always watching you. So why not give them a good show to watch. Give it your all in whatever you are doing. Whether it involves your calling or your job. Don’t let that one careless moment overshadow all your "hard work" and because it wasn't outstanding there's a slight chance that you did give it your all. Don’t get discouraged if it's not recognized either.

What's not recognized by humankind, your father above sees it all. And will bless you accordingly.

We have a tendency that if our friend or partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) isn't the first to show the love, we are reluctant to do the same... If no one is brave enough to put the love on the table then you both will be wasting your time waiting for something that will never be. Love conquers all. Love is simple but its meaning is so powerful. When someone says "I love you," how does that feel?
Do you return those words because you mean it or because it’s the "right thing" to say? If you don’t really "love" them, do you still tell them? Why drag them down a roller coaster if loving them isn't your intention.
…If you are going to love someone, no matter who is it, be real, be genuine, be truthful. Clear up any misunderstanding and make sure you are clear about what you expect.