Stanley Leon

"Cover up.....I'm still perfecting"
I decided I am going to take this moment to speak upon women who walk around the gym strunting with their tummies out. 
Don't get me wrong, FIT WOMEN ARE AWESOME, I love you, BUT why must you make everyone else whose "still cooking", "still perfecting their craft" feel like they have to work twice as hard. 
SWEEEEEET-TEEE, cover up a little, will you?
I don't know if I am the only one, but as another woman, it's annoying. These women walk around in their sports bras act like they worked hard for their flat tummies. Ummmmm, NO BABY GIRL, you barely eat, while I'm eating Haitian, Spanish, Italian, ruffles, lifesavers, cereal and other kinds of foods that clearly grew this little kangaroo pouch you see here. 
Granted, I am not fat but I wouldn't consider myself in shape enough to be showing all that skin. AND even if i had a toned belly, the entire gym doesn't need to see that. 
Keep it tucked in/hidden, Continue to work hard. Strunt your stuff on a beach or an island, NOT THE GYM, especially when I am trying to focus on my craft. 
XoXo, much love
Hidden- Management