Stanley Leon
January Date Night

Laziness is a horrible thing especially when it comes to combing your 3c, 4a-4c hair.
It's just simply too much, especially when your scalp is too tender to touch. (Ayyy sounds like a poem)
So apparently that's what happen to me, I washed my hair Saturday and put some twist in. Unfortunately not cute enough for a nice twist out. So I wrapped my hair African style.

It worked perfectly for church as well as my date night.

This is what I consider a cold, sexy, winter-protected outfit for my perfect January Date.

I wrapped my hair into a high pineapple wrap.

With my long-sleeve black turtleneck, super comfortable and (seems ancient because I can't remember where I got it from- maybe rainbows), Along with a warm fuzzy raccoon tail (from Forever 21, I think)

My once upon a time, slightly above the knee skirt, which is now more like a mini skirt with a leather waist strap (from H&M).

And my suede gold heeled thigh-high boots (compliments of my little brother)

Of course, my non-prescription glasses that always compliments my hidden identity.

I needed something quick, comfortable but sexy to start off my 2019 year of dates.

Hope you liked it.

I look forward to bringing in some color and spice into the mix.

But that's it for now folks, from the Queen herself.