I probably have gone through hundreds of diets throughout my lifetime.  Since the age of 8
I noticed that I was chubbier than the majority of the kids in my class.  I couldn't really pass the 
The state test as far as push ups, sit ups, or running the mile.  I definitely wasn't the most athletic
Kid around.  There would be days where I would 50 sit-ups then immediately run to the mirror to see
If I had any results.  Starting at the age of 12 I would go on diets.  I've tried everything in the book.  No meat diets,
No bread diets, no sugar diets, no ice cream diets, no fast food diets, vegan diets, low-calorie diets, etc.  Don't 
Get me wrong, the diets would work for a moment.  Then I got back to the habit that made me overweight, to begin with.  At the age of 22, I did my first edge fitness challenge and I lost 20 pounds within 8 weeks.  Then a month later, 
I gained it back plus some.  I've done the 21-day Daniel fast for spiritual purposes when I was 24.  And I loved the amount
Of weight, I've lost from it.  But once that fast ended I fell off.  Then after that, I felt like I hit rock bottom.  I've done everything in the book, I've dieted, I've worked out, I counted my calories, I've starved myself, I've fasted yet I am still overweight.  I knew there something wrong spiritually, mentally, and emotionally that causing me to always fail at reaching my body goals.  After sitting and analyzing I now figured out what I've been doing wrong the whole time.

    1. Instead of taking the stairs, I've been looking to take the elevator
        a. This is both literally and metaphorically.  I have never been the type to take the stairs for fun lol but on a serious note, I always looked for the diet that would make me lose 20-30 pounds in a month rather actually taking my time to build better habits.  I tried to find the "Easy way out" in everything regarding losing weight.  So instead of thinking about losing 20-30 pounds a month.  I narrowed down my goals to lose 3-5 pounds a week.  I learned that creating small goals to reach my big goals was the way to go about everything.
    2. I compare myself to others too much
        a. I would be so jealous to see friends that would eat McDonald's or greasy foods regularly than stay the same.  I'd also eat the same things that they would eat hoping that I can stay the same too.  Little did I know that comparing myself to others was a self-destructing to my own goals.  I find myself loving myself less when I see someone in shape in the gym.  I looked at the gym for the people "That made it" or the people that have the body that they I always wanted rather than the place that can get me looking the way I want
    3. I lacked in self-love
        a. I needed to love myself more.  I need to love myself enough to love the person I am.  I needed to love myself enough to really want to change.  The way I see it.  God gave all of us a responsibility to take care of his craft (our bodies).  We are all temples of the holy spirit.  Therefore we have to keep this temple in the tip-top shop.  We have to clean (detox), we have to make sure we have a solid foundation, we have to watch what we're putting in.  A lot of the diseases and heart problems that we may have mainly comes from the way we treat ourselves.
    4. No More Dieting, Change your lifestyle
Diets always have a deadline for it.   Many of us diet until we reach our goals, but in reality, we should be "dieting" every day of our lives.  We should be eating the best that we can, we should be working out regularly, we should strive to be the best version of ourselves.  Life is short.  And there will only be one (insert name here) to ever walk on this earth.  I promise you, if you change your lifestyle you will never need another diet in your life.  I don't have it all figured out yet, but I'm grateful for the eye-opener of what I've been doing wrong.  I want you all to join me in an effort to change our lifestyle starting February 20th.  Are you with me or what? 

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