Stanley Leon
Do you believe that there is power behind your prayers?

Take moment to think about a few things.

First, reflect on how often you pray, what you pray about and why do you pray.
Secondly, keep reflecting. Do you remember your prayers? What is the last prayer that was answered?

For some of you, you'll say, well I pray but not everyday. I pray about what I am going through… family ….security …. a job.

The real question is do you believe in the person you are praying too.
Do you believe that your prayers will be answered one way or another?

The mistake we make in our life whether a newborn Christians, lukewarm or deep into faith Christian, we forget that God is God all by himself. He operates on his time, NOT ours. He has no urgency to do the things we ask because he knows what will happen before and after the situation. Many times, well majority, of the things we go through is to teach us something. Whether its to bring us closer to God or to strengthen our faith.

Imagine if life was so simple and smooth sailing, we wouldn't need him or pray to him or even thank him because LIFE IS GOOD. Now since that’s not the case, this is his way of remaining relevant in our lives.

The unfortunate thing that I've notice is that we only turn to God when things go south. When our situations are bigger than what we think we can handle. When the stresses of life drown us and we can no longer stay afloat. Somehow then is when we remember that there is a God.

But, God is a compassionate Father and friend. He understands that we will fall short of his glory everyday. And for this reason, he sent his son Jesus to die for us so that we can receive Grace (unmerited favor) and Mercy ( forgiveness and compassion). Jesus intercedes for us everyday. God sends his angels to protect you every second.

So, this year I want you to change your prayer life around. If you have been a lukewarm prayer warrior, take a leap of faith and ask God to help you go deeper in him and in his word.

Prayer is our daily communication with our Father. The same way you speak a friend, a co-worker, a spouse, a parent or child daily, is the same way consistent routine you ought have with God.

He is omnipotent (all powerful)
He is omnipresent (everywhere)
He is omniscient (knows all things)

You won't regret making him your best friend. Tell him everything. Your life will change forever.

Stay blessed.

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