What better time to share than OUR VERY FIRST DATE NIGHT OF 2019 !!!!!

If you haven't figured out already, you will soon come to realize that WE LOVE Fine dining ! We love to go out, dress up and enjoy each other's company outside of all of our activities and the walls of our homes.

Quick shoutout to PRIME for tasting amazing and providing an ambiance that always gets us deeeeeep into our feelings.

I bet you can't guess where we went for a late Sunday Dinner? Ahhaa.
Yes, Prime had a special menu set for couples like us, who like to eat, drink and create memories.

When we go out for some reason Stanley always has the better plate and I mean what kind of girlfriend would I be, if I didn’t eat from his plate although I have mine?

So, as we start off the new year certain things remain the same, I, Rebecca still eat from Stanley's plate, just cause he already expects it.

Tonight, something CRAZY happen GUYS!!!

Let me be the first to tell you, in our history together we never do this but we ordered the exact same thing except for the wine pairing that came with our orders.

I don’t know about you guys or other couples but the reason we agree to order different meals is so that we are able to try new things. I usually get a Salmon and Stanley gets a Steak but today we both got Sushi rolls, 12 oz Steak and Vanilla Crème Brulee.

So you know what that means, I didn’t need to eat out of his plate but since we got different wines, he had to share with me.

Everything about tonight was absolutely phenomenal, but most importantly my date. From the warm greeting by the Hostess, to the breathtaking views from our table overlooking the frigid water, to the pleasant treatment from the Waitstaff and the meal. Each meal and wine provided a different feel and fullness.

Today, we shared our New Years reflection, captured a few pictures of our meals and took a deep breath of what our life will be and will look like over next few months and years to come.

Cheers to many more nights together.