Stanley Leon
Can we agree that the only perfect person is God?
Okay, great, now that we can agree on one thing, dId you know that even the most "perfect person" (mentally speaking) isn't comfortable in their skin? If you ever watched the show Dr. 90210, these individuals come to these doctors for sometimes their 2nd or 5th surgery. All to correct something that they "think" the creator (God) messed up on. Take a second to ask yourself, Why would you spend so much money to fix what was already created to perfection? Why must we look at what we don't have and then to fight all of our lives trying to achieve it and realized years later on that it was never worth it because we are still unhappy?
What does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin?
Well, for me, it's understanding that God is perfect and he created me in his own image therefore that makes me perfect. Just because I have stretch marks on my lower back or my breast aren't a c-cup, doesn't make me less of a woman or less perfect.
I've struggled for many years accepting to be a part of the "I.B.T.C" ( Itty Bitty Tity Committee), up to the point I told my mother that I wanted breast augmentation. It wasn't until recently that I put on a new pair of glasses (figuratively speaking) that I stopped using the ones that society wants you to use, where you are not beautiful if you don't have an hourglass shape. 
So now I tell myself, I am BEAUTIFUL just the way i am. 
It has to be something that you believe. There's a saying  that "Practice makes perfect." But see, here's my remix to that, it doesn't make "perfect" but it brings out the best you, because you are already made perfect. Remember your body is a temple of God. Do everything you can to take care of your temple. Not re-adjust it but preserving it.
Let me real, if you are fat, exercise. If you want to be healthier, stop eating ice cream and French fries on your free time. And if you see no improvements in your goals, then Sweetie, sorry to say but YOU DO NOT WANT IT AS BAD AS YOU CLAIM TO. Make the adjustments necessary to accomplish them. 
Change starts today, Change starts with YOU. Are you willing to change to be the best YOU. Are you willing to get a new pair of glasses and start loving yourself for you? If you don't love yourself, how do you expect to love someone else or better yet, for them to love you?
It starts with you..

Make a few Post-It stickers. Post them everywhere. Especially places you go to eveyday, start off with your bathroom, on the fridge, your front door. 
Remind yourself the little things that are so easy to forget. "I am Beautiful and Wonderfully Made;"
"I love that me that I am being:"
"I was created for this:"
"I will not conform to this world and let this world try to create me because a perfect God made me according to his image:" 

Figure out what you are struggling with and make it your BUSINESS to WORK ON IT. It's okay that it takes time, nothing good come without an extra day of efforts or another minute cooking or drying.
God took time in creating you, so take a little extra time and take care of the gem that you are.