Stanley Leon
Ever felt like you are stuck in life?

Thinking to yourself where did you go wrong and who can you pick up the pieces, huh?

Don't worry, you're not alone. I have fought with myself over and over for months about this... Okay, just kidding. Transparent me would say, its been a few years.

As I skim through Facebook and Instagram, I see that people my age or younger for that matter, seem to "have it all together." Well, what does it really mean to "have it all together"? 'Cause you could have it together in real life or only through the eyes of Social media. 

Well, today I am talking about both aspects. BUT let's start off with those who "got it together" on social media/dreams. They are constantly posting about their latest trip, the newest fashion statement and their LIFE with bifocals. Meanwhile, they are the same ones battling with mental health, acceptance of society and self-love. 

I sat back for way to many nights wondering how? How did they manage to get there? Well, I don't know if I can truly sit today and say that I have the answers. But what I can say is that, everyone carries a different color as they mark their journey of life. No two individuals will EVER be the same nor color their mark the same.  

With that being said, its less common to see the individuals that "have it together" posting for the world to see what they look like. Unless, its used as a motivation for others. Where they've created a platform for inspiration. It's inspiring to see someone go through trials and tribulations that literally break them down to pieces and they use that as they testimony. Not to brag or make others feel less of a person because they haven't accomplished nearly half of their goals but instead a stepping plate for others to trust the process and grow with the seasons. 

As I examine myself, my life story, my family - it's clear why I can't like "her" or "him" Each step of accomplishment is growing stage that only if you understood my story you would understand how big it really is. 

Take this as a lesson, you are more than enough. Stop competing with her for her crown or with him for his throne. You were already given one. Clean up the leaves, dust off the dirt and begin putting the pieces together of the story you want those to remember of you.  

Find your purpose even if it take your whole life....